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installation of Eco friendly Energy Alternatives

Eco friendly Energy Alternatives

The company was formed in Jan 2021 specifically for Renewable Energy projects in the form of Air To Water Heat Pumps. The company prides itself on membership to the MCS (Micro Certification Scheme) and the Renewable Energy Code of Conduct Prior to this from 2014 we have installed heat pumps across the UK mainland and the Islands. Being a small family-based company, we have the time to ensure that you are looked after at all stages of the installation process. We offer full installation design and installation to a high standard and after care in the form of annual maintenance of your new system

Eco friendly contractor

What is a heat pump?

In simple terms, a heat pump works like your domestic fridge / freezer but in reverse. A heat pump can draw air down the rear of the outdoor unit pulling it across the rows of evaporator tubes, removing the energy from the air. It them uses the heat from this process passing it across the heat exchanger and then into your home where it can be used to provide heating and hot water. Heat pumps range in size to accommodate most properties across a wide range of construction types, they can be used on radiator systems and underfloor heating, and can continue to do this right down to – 20 degree

Our mission is to bring clean air energy to homes across the united kingdom. We understand that the climate change crisis can't wait and want to do our bit to make a difference with our skills and speciality by offering eco friendly energy alternatives.

Our Team

Henry Whyte Technical Director

Henry has a background in building services maintenance and design. The projects ranged from domestic installations to commercial and industrial projects. Henry also served as a Clerk of Works on many major projects, looking after a variety of projects from major civils constructing a large sewage treatment plant to major installations of Solar PV. Henry is a qualified (technician Gold ) plumbing and heating engineer with qualifications relating to renewable energy design and maintenance.

Barry Whyte Architectural Technician

Barry Whyte, in addition to his plumbing and heating background Barry is a qualified Architectural Technician. Barry has worked on a variety of projects including commercial plumbing installations however he prefers renewable energy projects.

Calum - Clean Air Energy Apprentice

We're proud to invest in future talent and Clean Air Energy engineers. Meet Calum, a rising star and an advocate for environmental sustainability. Callum's hobbies are nature walks, meeting up with friends and playing video games. Calum is firm believer in a greener, cleaner United Kingdom.

Declan - Clean Air Energy Apprentice

Meet Declan, an aspiring architectural technician. Declan is always coming up with ideas about how we can improve and is also intrigued about the future of clean energy, not just for the UK but for the rest of the world. Declan studied sciences and is enthusiastic about nature and preservation.